Geoff DiMasi Geoff DiMasi Geoff DiMasi
Geoff DiMasi thrives on shared ideas and shared energy
For Entrepreneur in Quorum Geoff DiMasi, the most rewarding part of being a leader is working with others to help them achieve their goals.

"I enjoy the interaction and the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs. They learn from me — and I am learning from them."

It's less lonely at the top when there is a seasoned entrepreneur to turn to. At Quorum, ascendant business leaders have been taking their concerns to Geoff DiMasi, Principal of the branding, design, and web firm P'unk Ave and resident Entrepreneur In Quorum.

"Being a leader is a lonely endeavor and it is often difficult to get feedback," DiMasi says. "Partnering with people at the Science Center appeals to me, as does partnering with people to help them reach their goals."

A force on Philly's startup scene, DiMasi is also co-founder of Indy Hall, a shared work space. He feels at home in Quorum's Coworking Lounge, where the unofficial tagline is "You Never Know Who You'll Meet."

Geoff DiMasi
Quorum's interactive programming provides young startups access to advice from seasoned entrepreneurs.

"I am a fan of places where people come together and work, and Quorum provides a supportive presence in the ecosystem," he says. "Many good things come from that."

DiMasi mentored and advised entrepreneurs one day a month from January - July 2017. The next Entrepreneur IQ will take the reins in the fall of 2017.

It's an opportunity for company leaders to have substantive discussions about specific challenges with a mature and savvy entrepreneur. Conversations are open-ended and about any stage of business development. DiMasi recalls that one entrepreneur met with him when he started his six-month term as Entrepreneur IQ in January "and came back with an idea in April."

The topics are as diverse as the entrepreneurs who come to him. "I talk to people of all ages, at all stages of their careers," he says. "There will be somebody coming in asking about branding. The next person will have a pitch he is working on and want to run through his deck with me."

DiMasi also benefits from shared ideas and shared energy. "I enjoy the interaction and the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs. They learn from me — and I am learning from them."

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